Baal Zephon - Ark Matrices

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Four Meetings of the Ark and Baal Zephon

With no row split (top center) and ARK OF THE COVENANT at minimum skip (-306), BAAL is at skip 1 two columns left of ARK OF THE COVENANT, and ZEPHON is at skip -306 starting immediately above the first letter of BAAL. When a row split of 2 is used (bottom center) for the same ARK OF THE COVENANT, BAAL ZEPHON at Number 33:7 appears in the open text. At minimum ELS (skip -3,903) ARK 33-4 (right) appeared below this BAAL ZEPHON (33 degrees 4 minutes East is the suspect Ark Longitude, and also possibly the longitude of Baal Zephon). With the second lowest ELS of ARK OF THE COVENANT (left) , BAAL ZEPHON at Exodus 14:2 is seen with a row split of 3. ARK CODE has many other meetings of Baal Zephon with the Ark.