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What Was Baal Zephon?

Baal Zephon was an Egyptian fortress passed by the Israelites in the early phases of the Exodus (Exodus 14:2, 14:9, and Numbers 33:7). The name means both "Master of the North" and :Master of the Code" It is the key to finding the Exodus route. The site is heavily encoded with the Ark of the Covenant. In Torah, it appears with two different spellings: Bet Ayin Lamed Tsadeh Feh Nun and Bet Ayin Lamed Tsadeh Feh Vav Nun. Locating Baal Zephon (and thus establishing the route of the Exodus) is a strong secondary objective of my research.

Why Was Baal Zephon Lost?

Archeologists have been in thinking three dimensional space. To find Baal Zephon, we must consider the 4th dimension and look at where the northern coast of Egypt was thousands of years ago. Sea level rose by over 20 feet since the Ark disappeared as we moved away from the last ice age. There is a man made object (an obstruction) in shallow water where the northernmost coast used to be. Likewise, many of the ruins of Alexandria, Egypt are, in fact, under water today.