ELS MAP 12 - Promise or Peril?

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Roffman Ark (or Coffin?)

The Hebrew word pronounced ARON means ARK (ARON BRIT, as seen on ELS Maps 1, 2, 11, and 13 is ARK OF THE COVENANT) but ARON also means closet or coffin. On ELS Map 12 my last name, ROFFMAN, can be found at an ELS in direct sequence with ARK (Aron). At the same skip is ZUQBA, the suspect Ark site. JERUSALEM is on the matrix with its modern 7-letter spelling. The angle from the closest letter of JERUSALEM to the closest (first) letter of ZUQBA again equals a course heading of 251.565 degrees True. The question is, does a positive or very negative fate await me at Zuqba, or is this all just due to a lot of coincidences? Only a full expedition can supply the answer.