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Evidence the Obstruction at 31-16-00 N, 33-03-30 E is Baal Zephon.  This ELS MAP is an important breakthrough because it is the first time that an ELS Map has been found from Temple Mount to the obstruction (believed to be Baal Zephon) just north of Sinai. There is a tradition that Joseph, as  viceroy of Egypt, hid treasure here. 

Course Calculation Temple Mount to Baal Zephon (and the obstruction):  First or last letters of site names are used, as are letters of these names that are closest together. First count rows down. This is Y. Do not count the row you start on. Here there are 9 rows down from Temple to the line with Baal Zephon. Next count columns across. Here it is 34 to the end (first letter - bet) of Baal Zephon. This is X and it = 34. The tangent is Y/X. Here Y/X = 9/34 = .26740588. Next find the Ark tangent (the angle that includes Baal Zephon here). The Arktan of .26740588 = 14.8264799 degrees. This is rounded off to 14.83 degrees from the end of Baal Zephon to the end of the first letter of Temple. For a compass -  000 is north, 090 is east, 180 is south and 270 is west. The angle just found was 14.83 degrees above the horizontal 090 course. So substract this 14.83 from 090. What remains is 075.17 degrees True, the course from Baal Zephon to the Temple. The reciprocal course from Temple to the end of Baal Zephon is 075.17 + 180 degrees = 255.17 degrees true.

The above course was compared with the Calculator course from Temple Mount at 31 degrees 46 minutes 40 seconds North, 035 degrees 14 minutes 04.4 seconds East to the obstruction at 31 degrees 16 minutes 00 seconds North, 033 degrees 03 minutes 30 seconds East.  Java indicates this course is 255.2 degrees True.  It rounds off to the nearest tenth degree.  The matrix 255.17 degree course also rounds off to 255.2 degrees True.  Note: Change the W to E for the East longitude indicated with the course calculator which is found at the following website: http://flight.gids.nl/coordcal.html