ELS MAP 13 - The Most Specific and Personal ELS Map

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It is rare to find an a-priori ELS axis term more than 8 letters long. The axis term here is 10 letters. As the suspect course from Jerusalem to the Ark is 251.565 degrees True, I searched for (and found) ARK251(.)565. This is the minimum ELS for this term. Its skip is so high (88,417 letters) that multiple passes through Torah were required to find it. Passing directly through it is the minimal ELS of ROFFMAN as it is spelled on my Israeli visas - RESH VAV FEH MEM NUN. ROFFMAN intersects and shares a letter VAV with ARK 251(.)565. The angle from the end of ROFFMAN to the end of ARK 251(.)565 equals a course of PRECISELY 251.565 degrees True! But what about Jerusalem? It's there too, and the angle from the beginning of JERUSALEM (letter YUD) to the end of 31-9 (LAMED ALEF TET) - which is the suspect Ark latitude - again equals exactly 251.565 degrees True. The suspect longitude is 33-4 (LAMED GIMEL DALET). That is on the plot at skip 1 - centered above and touching TENT OF MEETING - which disappeared along with the Ark. Finally, ARK OF THE COVENANT (in the open text) is also on the matrix.