ARK CODE (The Book)

INTRODUCTION: TORAH CODE AND ARK CODE ARK CODE (The Book) ELS MAP 1 ELS MAP 2 by Dr. Haralick ELS MAP 3 ELS MAP 4 ELS MAP 5 - Ugret Selima ELS MAP 11 - Return to Egypt and Ark of the Covenant ELS MAP 12 - Promise or Peril? ELS MAP 13 - The Most Specific and Personal ELS Map Expedition Photos and Charts El Zuqba from Space BAAL ZEPHON Baal Zephon - Ark Matrices ELS MAP 15 - TEMPLE (MOUNT) TO BAAL ZEPHON TORAH CODE BASICS: Matrices, Axis Term, Row Split, Word Frequency, Matrix Size, Spelling, and Wrapped Matrices Snooping Message to Muslims: The Qur'an and the Ark of the Covenant Links ArkHunt Blog

Synopsis of ARK CODE by Barry S. Roffman. E-mail: ArkHunt@Juno.Com

ARK CODE (2004, Available at www.Amazon.Com and at relates the story of how I discovered Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS) maps encoded in the Torah. The maps apparently point to the long-hidden location of the Ark of the Covenant. Key site names are encoded in such manner as to have the angles between Jerusalem, Egyptian towns or sites, and the Ark site correspond to actual course headings on real world maps.