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ELS Map 1 is Found

I started my own Torah Codes research in 1997 after reading Michael Drosnin's first book on the topic (THE BIBLE CODE). Although it was obvious that Mr. Drosnin was no scientist, there were enough Codes matrices included in his book to arouse my curiosity about what would happen if an unbiased scientist were to study the Codes. Almost immediately I chose to see if there was anything encoded about the location of the Ark of the Covenant. On searching for the term (ARON BRIT in Hebrew), I found that its lowest skip (considered most significant by Codes researchers) at an ELS of -306 crossed EGYPTIANS WERE BURYING. The intersection was at Numbers 33:4. The chapter and verse reminded me of a longitude (33 degrees 4 minute East) near Isael. The word for LONGITUDE at skip 2 touched both EGYPTIANS WERE BURYING and ARK OF THE COVENANT. One of the 6 open text Torah mentions of the Ark of the Covenant by that name was at a chapter and verse that corresponded to a latitude near or through Israel - Deuteronomy 31:9, corresponding to 31 degrees 9 minutes North. The intersection of these lines was at a place called the Zuqba peninsula, surrounded by Lake Bardawil in the Sinai of Northern Egypt. ZUQBA at skip -1 intersected with and shared the letter bet in ARON BRIT. BARDAWIL at skip -303 started its encoding at the same letter bet. When I pointed this out to Dr. Eliyahu Rips of Hebrew National University, he objected, claiming that by rabbinic tradition the Ark remains buried under Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I then sought JERUSALEM on the plot at an ELS. It was there, like BARDAWIL, also at an interval of 303 letters. I soon learned that by GPS the course from Jerusalem to my coordinates at 31-9 North, 33-4 East, were 252 degrees, plus or minus a degree of error. On the matrix, the angle from the beginning of JERUSALEM's ELS to that of ZUQBA was 252.35. I then found TEMPLE on the matrix. The angle from TEMPLE to the beginning of ARON BRIT (ARK OF THE COVENANT) also rounded off to 252 - it was 251.565 degrees. That course was repeated on 9 other ELS maps found, and I was hooked!