Expedition Photos and Charts

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Barry at the suspect Ark site in Egypt (2005).


On my first expedition to Egypt in 1999.


Writing ARK CODE while at sea en route to Egypt in 1999.


Map of the suspect Ark area (31 degrees 9 minutes North, 33 degrees 4 minutes East.


To get to the suspect Ark site near the Ugret Selima salt marsh (in the background) on El Zuqba, it is necessary to use a Beduoin truck or other vehicle with low inflated tires. Without this, it is impossible to drive over sand dunes to reach the site.


The obstruction in the Mediterranean (at 31-16 North 33-3.5 East) may be the missing fortress of Baal Zephon (see Exodus 14:2, 14:9, and Numbers 33:7). The suspect site for the Ark of the Covenant is south of it on the El Zuqba peninsula at 31-9 North, 33-4 East.