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Not All That Looks Significant Is

What is Snooping?

Looking at letters in sequence with and directly ahead of or behind axis terms, a-priori terms or a-posteriori terms. The snooped letters add words to the above terms, and possibly value to what was originally sought. Probabilities are generally inappropriate for snooped terms.

With Snooping, Longer ELS "finds" tend to be by Non-Jews

Their Hebrew is usually dictionary-derived, not spoken. When mistakes are pointed out, they often do not alter their web site errors. They quote extreme probabilities for what is usually gibberish, and for what is always a-posteriori (noticed, but not predicted for the matrix).

Snooping often yields long ELSs, but are they Deliberate or Random Gibberish?

Bible Code Digest ( labels as good Hebrew the following snooped passage:

Let the oppressed by (be?) congratulated, saturated from Him at 2001, and let them be guarded by the echo of the Father’s son. Supported by the U.S. I will see but he has the knowledge. (48-letter ELS in Hebrew).

Bible Code digest also labels as acceptable Hebrew:

There is a is quarrel in his speeches, a living brother uttered words to them and to me.  And Zubaidah turned to the sea without then lying for a whole week.  Oh, the mountain of her interior will bear a testimonial to her name. (61-letter ELS in Hebrew)

I contend that the phrases above are nonsense attributable to the high frequency or 2-3 letter terms in Hebrew, as are the other long ELS phrases in Bible Code Digest.