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Torah Codes (The Bible Code) 

By Barry S. Roffman, E-Mail: ArkHunt@Juno.Com. NOTE: I have a more expanded version of this web site now at 



l     The Torah Codes Hypothesis states that historically related words can be found at an Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS) “encoded” together in Torah matrices that are smaller than similar matrices produced in “Control (non-religious) Texts.” While there is a rabbinical tradition to support such encoding in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible), there is no such tradition for the rest of the Tenach (also known as Old Testament).  Nor is there such a tradition for the New Testament, although Kevin Acres (producer of CodeFinder software) and others have attempted to show that such a pattern has some very limited supporting evidence.  No extensive testing has been carried out with the Muslim Koran yet.   
     While many hope to use the Torah Codes as a kind of "crystal ball", it’s difficult to make predictions because you can not know ahead of time which words or names will be key terms to search for. Further, for those who are Orthodox Jews, there are issues of halacha (Jewish Law) that can present barriers to such research by some of the people most qualified to conduct it.


       The Torah appears to contain a very redundant series of Equidistant Letter Spaced (ELS) maps pointing to the long-hidden location of the Ark of the Covenant.  Key site names are encoded in such manner as to have the angles between Jerusalem, Egyptian towns or sites, and the suspect Ark site correspond to actual course headings on real world maps.   The full story of how these maps were found and what they may mean is presented in my ARK CODE book, however this web site gives a glympse at some of my most important findings. 

       After reading Mr. Drosnin’s BIBLE CODE book in 1997 I hypothesized that the Torah Code, if real, would likely contain the specific location of that which was most central to the worship of God during the existence of the First Temple in Jerusalem: the Ark of the Covenant.  Recovery of the actual physical Ark (believed to have disappeared between 925 and 586 BCE) would probably prove the ELS encoding of the Torah if the Torah Codes computer software and area charts were the sole sources of data used to find the Ark.  Two tests were required to support the hypothesis:
       (1) Statistically significant data collection worthy of actual field investigation, and
       (2) Recovery of the Ark by means of actual expedition should the first test be met. 

The first test was more than met.  Data found resulted in my invitation to speak at the first meeting of the International Torah Codes Society (ITCS) in Jerusalem in 1999 and in publication of ARK CODE, in 2004. An updated summary of my data is found at . However, funding is required to properly complete the second phase of the investigation (begun with two brief trips to Egypt - one after my 1999 ITCS presentation, and the other in 2005).  In the summer of 2007 I will retire and hopefully launch more ambitous expeditions into Egypt.  Success there will largely depend upon cooperation by the Egyptian Government.